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National Career Framework

Welcome to the NZHPA National Career Framework implementation toolkit.  The NZHPA National Career Framework was developed following a consultation with hospital pharmacy staff and other key stakeholders which identified the need for a consistent and transparent career structure to support the development of all hospital pharmacy staff.  The framework sets out a clear career structure which guides and advances practice to enable the transparent understanding of practice at each level for pharmacists and other health care professionals working with them.  The focus of this toolkit is to guide the organisational level implementation of the framework 

The framework consists of an overview of the career pathway for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants with profiles to describe expectations of practice at the different levels of practice.  The overview also describes associated tools to assess competence, the recommended contribution of postgraduate study and the links with advanced practice. 

The recently released Pharmacy Action Plan describes ‘a future in which pharmacist services, as an essential part of a people-powered integrated model of care, are delivered in innovative ways, across a broad range of settings, so that all New Zealanders have equitable access to medicines and health care services’. The aim of the Pharmacy Action Plan is to unlock pharmacists’ full potential so that they can deliver maximum value to the health system and contribute to the objectives of the New Zealand Health Strategy.  The NZHPA National Career Framework has been developed to support the development of hospital pharmacy staff and will directly contribute to supporting the workforce development goals within the Pharmacy Action Plan. 

This toolkit is designed to be a how to guide for implementing the National Career Framework’ for hospitals, hospital pharmacy managers, their pharmacy services and staff. The toolkit supports and guides on the processes that pharmacy services should consider undertaking in order to ensure a consistent and seamless introduction of the National Career Framework.

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