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Awards & Grants

 NZHPA has a number of awards for it members.

These include travel grants, technicians award and the Educational Assistance Fund.
Details of the range and specifications of awards available are on the information sheet (updated April 2013)


To apply for an award download either the electronic application form (type in directly) or the pdf application form  (download and fill in by hand) and return it to NZHPA (updated Jan 2019).
Examples of applications that the Executive consider were welll-written, are available  to view in the Members section  for members who are considering applying for an award.


NZHPA Pharmacists in Mental Health SIG is able to offer a study grant to members to help further their education in mental health pharmacy.

Max Health Pharmacy Grant

The Max Health Pharmacy Grant is an award that is designed to support research and professional development in areas such as innovation in pharmacy practice, problem solving and exceeding customer expectation. More information on this exciting new award can be found here

Maori Health Award

The NZHPA is committed to the NZHPA Maori Health Award, as part of  the NZHPA Grants and Awards Programme. This Award will be granted in recognition of a practice development or research project undertaken by an NZHPA member to address a Maori Health issue.

More information about this award can be found here

Roche Education Grants


We would like to invite applications for the first round of funding for educational opportunities in cancer care from the 2019 Roche Education Grant.  


The grant criteria have been widened since 2018 to include both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working in cancer care. This grant was provided to NZHPA by Roche Products (NZ) Ltd to help pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working in oncology and haematology to access educational opportunities. Please see the information sheet for details (updated Jan 2019). 

This is the first of three funding rounds in 2019. The deadline for applications for this round of funding is Friday 22 February 2019.



CNO SIG nutrition and compounding education grant 


This  education grant is to allow members to access further educational opportunities in their field and share the information gained with colleagues See information sheet for further details. . The application deadline is 14 September 2018. 


NZHPA Education Fund


NZHPA administers a fund to assist members to attend courses, attend conferences to present papers, or to undertake special projects.

Recipients of the NZHPA Education Fund award are required to present a report to the Executive that will be published on the Association’s website.  

Value of the award is at the discretion of the Executive. Typically values up to $1,500 have been awarded.  

Closing date for applications – As advertised from time to time in the Associations’ Newsletter, or available from the administrator at Typically 4 times a year 2 weeks before the Executive Face to Face meeting for each quarter. 

Applications forms are available on the website and must be sent to the administrator (Jess Withell,


Annual Conference Travel Funding application form   for 2018 


 A list of recent award recipients and their reports is available in the Members section (Award recipients, updated June 2012)

Examples of reports that the Executive consider were well-written are available in the Members section